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Phil And Teds Lobster High Chair Reviews

We gotta admit, the invention of high chair is one of the greatest inventions till this date. Because of this, feeding baby is so much easy and comfortable for the guardian. Moreover, high chairs are very helpful while you have to comply with other tasks. Again, you can have a family mealtime without being all engaged in feeding your baby when you have a high chair in your house.

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But the time is evolved, so are the high chairs. Wooden one style high chairs are old school and companies have more modified products for customer’s complete satisfaction. Different styles are now included and hook-on style is one of them.This style is introduced for customer’s outdoor convenience. You can’t bring your useful but sturdy high chair along everywhere you travel. But with

This style is introduced for customer’s outdoor convenience. You can’t bring your useful but sturdy high chair along everywhere you travel. But with hook on chairs, your baby can still enjoy the advantages of a high chair both at home and outside. Hook on chairs are also a great choice for smaller houses, because they don’t eat up your space like a basic high chair.

There are a lots of hook-on high chairs in the market with different modifications. But the customers only want the best product and that’s what makes the purchase more difficult. With so many different structures, it’s hard to decide which one would be the best.

Well, high chairs aren’t candies that you buy dozens of different ones and then decide by tasting which one is the best, you can make only one purchase and that’s why the decision needs to be completely wise.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to worry because you can’t decide which one would be the best, we’ve sort it out for you. Looking for the perfect purchase? Go for Phil & teds Lobster Highchair.

Yes, that’s a legit question, why Phil & teds Lobster Highchair? Your concern is totally reasonable and we understand that. That’s why, as an answer to your question, we have a Phil and teds lobster high chair review.

In our Phil and teds lobster high chair review, we’ve focused on the product’s feature to give you a proper peek inside. You’ll understand why we’re recommending this after reading this Phil and teds lobster high chair review.

Phil And Teds Lobster High Chair Reviews

Phil and Ted is a popular name for baby products. They have some outstanding products that are capable of outshining other famous brands in the market and their new Lobster high chair is also a quality high chair indeed. And we’re not claiming it just like that. There are plenty of reasons to say so.


The most amazing thing about this high chair is, it’s portable. It folds up in flat shape. The chair comes with folding clamps. Flip the clamps to fold the chair. The chair also comes with a carry bag for your travelling convenience. Now you won’t have to put your baby on used high chairs in the restaurant and you won’t have to be bothered about outside dining. You can bring your baby’s high chair everywhere with you!

Strong Structure

Security matters the most. That’s why the chair is constructed with sturdy stainless steel frame.

Safety Materials

Phil and teds lobster high chair uses firm fabric on the seat to keep your baby secure and comfortable. It features padded back support to keep your baby stable and prevent from falling behind. Also comes with 4-point harness to fasten your baby safely on the chair.

Dishwasher Friendly Tray

The tray that comes along with the high chair is dishwasher friendly. It’s fully plastic, so you can easily wipe off the dirt from the surface. The tray is removable and perfect for dishwasher. An illustrated tray insert is included.

Lobster Claws

Phil and teds lobster high chair features strong aluminium clamps or as they’re referred, the ‘lobster claws’ that fit from 0.8″ up to 3.75″ thick tables perfectly. So, your baby will be able to dine more comfortably with the family. Its non-slip padded grips are sturdy enough to hold onto the table and it won’t mark it.

What We Liked Most
  • It’s portable
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • The food tray is removable and dishwasher friendly
  • Padded back support and 4-point harness for baby’s safety
  • Lobster claws with strong padded grip
What We Didn’t Like
  • Isn’t good for glass tables and tables with loose table top or single pedestal
  • Food tray isn’t locked in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can this be attached to a table with lip?

Ans: Never.

Is the seat adjustable?

Ans: No

Can I use it without the tray?

Ans: Yes, you can.

Does it come with a warranty?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Does the fabric come out? For washing, of course.

Ans: Yes, it does.

Final Verdict

Hook on high chair is a blessing for little space and on-trip mealtime. Phil and Ted always manufactures quality products and Phil and teds lobster high chair wouldn’t disappoint you either.

This hook on high chair comes with back support and compact harness for your baby’s ultimate security. Features a tray that is dishwasher safely. Folds for carrying convenience and easily fits with basic table shapes. Phil and teds lobster high chair is an ideal hook on high chair and trust me, it worth your money.

To clear all hesitation and help you purchase better, we made this Phil and teds lobster high chair review. Our belief is that, this Phil and teds lobster high chair reviews will be able to clarify your whole dilemma. We hope after getting your confusions all cleared, you’ll be able to make the right purchase.


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