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Inglesina Fast Table Chair reviews

High chair is the reason behind convenient baby feeding style. Because of this chair, parents don’t have to leave their own meal or works to be engaged in feeding the baby. It also helps the baby to develop family dining etiquette from an early stage of childhood.

But the biggest flaw of the basic high chair design is, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture. So it isn’t much helpful once you step outside the house. Or sometimes, this piece of furniture becomes an obstruction, if your kitchen space isn’t big enough.

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Moreover, when you’re at the park or any other place, you can also use the table chair as a high chair. Besides, if you live in a tiny apartment with a narrow kitchen, where a big high chair is always the reason to block your walking track, a table chair is the only helpful substitute for you. When necessary, take it out and clip it onto the table; other times you can stash it inside the closet.

So, your search for a table chair is undeniably a smart choice and we appreciate this. But the question is, what are you looking for exactly? I mean, do you have a particular name in mind? We believe the name you’re currently looking for is Inglesina Fast Table Chair since you’re here and your choice is fascinating. Inglesina Fast Table Chair is a quality chair indeed.

And not claiming this just like that. It’s one of the best-selling feeding chairs in the market and its quality construction makes it one of a kind. Again, we have a lot of reasons to claim that. These reasons are highlighted below in our Inglesina Fast Table Chair review. After reading this Inglesina Fast Table Chair review it’ll be lucid to you why it’s recommended as the best table chair. Enjoy the Inglesina Fast Table Chair review!

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Inglesina Fast Table Chair review

Inglesina is well-recognized brand for quality high chairs and same thing can be said about this Inglesina Fast Table Chair too. It’s one of the popular chairs in the market right now and here are the reasons why:

Comfortable Seat

Babies aren’t strong like adults. They are tender beings. Inglesina Fast Table Chair’s seat is made with comfortable polyester fabric. The seat is extra padded so that the metal structure doesn’t hurt the baby. It’s also made with a padded high-rest at the back. Not only that. Unlike other hook on chairs, the half of the metal arms are also covered in padded fabric for your baby’s utter comfort. It features padded 3-point harness to prevent falling.

Fits with Most Designs

One problem with hook on high chair is, you can’t tell just by looking whether it’d fit your table or not. The good news is, Inglesina understands your problem and that’s why they designed the chair to fit with the most table designs. The most interesting thing is, the design is also compatible with curved tables. Clips upto 3.5″ thick tables.

Twist-tight Couplings

Instead of using sturdy clamps like the most hook on chairs in the market, Inglesina Fast Table Chair is built with couplings. Tighten this couplings onto the table by twisting. Couplings make the seat sturdier than clamps. Wise choice for infant safety. Doesn’t leave any scratch mark on the table.

Rear Pocket

A rear pocket is sewn on the back of the seat. You can put any small thing in it on the way. Comes handy when you’re travelling somewhere or working while feeding the baby. You can also use it to store baby’s necessary stuffs that are small in size.

Collapsible and Lightweight

You can fold it into a flat shape when you don’t need it. The chair comes with a carry bag for convenient storing and carrying. The chair is built with lightweight materials, so the carrying isn’t much of a handwork.

The Seat is Washable

You can remove the seat from the metal frame. The seat is hand washable, the polyester fabric is easy to clean. You can clean the frame by wiping and scrubbing.

Dining Tray

And the most important feature: Inglesina Fast Table Chair dining tray. Well, here’s one little thing. It doesn’t come along with the chair. You’ll have to make a separate purchase. The tray shape is compatible with all Inglesina Fast Table Chair designs. The tray has border on each side to prevent the food from scattering out of the tray. Features a cup holder.

What We Liked Most
  • Comfortable polyester fabric
  • Padded seat with high backrest and 3-point padded safety harness
  • Fits with curved tables
  • Rear pocket for storing little objects
  • Collapsible frame that folds easily
  • Carry bag with large storing space inside
  • Washable fabric and frame
  • Twist-tight couplings for sturdy grip
  • Rubberized arms that don’t scratch the table top
What We Didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t come with its own tray
  • Doesn’t work on table with lip underneath
  • Clipping the seat onto the table takes time because of twisting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What tables aren’t fit for the chair?

Ans: Glass tables, tables with loose tops/ single pedestal /lip underneath.

Can you use it on the ground?

Ans: The seat is all padded fabric, so there’s no strong support to hold the seat on its own.

What is the recommended age for baby?

Ans: 6 to 36 months, actually if the baby learn to sit on his/her own.

What is the maximum weight?

Ans: Up to 37 lbs.

Can you use it without the tray?

Ans: Yes.

Final Verdict

Inglesina is an Italian brand that has dedicated all their efforts to put the parents on an ease. As they claim, their product is ‘made with love’; the same passion is also followed in the making of Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Inglesina Fast Table Chair is built with comfortable cushioned seat for baby’s comfort and safety. Its twist-tight couplings are great for holding onto table tops.

The chair folds into flat for portability and storage convenience, comes with a carry bag for comfortable carrying: which makes it the best table chair for travelling. Perfect for universal table design.

Does it require more details to call it the best table chair? After reading this Inglesina Fast Table Chair review, we hope you’ve understood how this Italian beauty has won so many American hearts.

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