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Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7 in 1 Convertible High Chair Review

There’s no doubt that high chair has made parenthood less complicated than old times since this little pal takes care of the most important part of nurturing a child: the feeding task. It’s easier to feed the baby on high chair than putting on the lap. High chair also helps you to take care of other staffs while you’re at it. In short, high chair is a valuable member of a busy family. It helps to organize the household tasks in a disciplined order.

But, yep, there’s a BUT. Don’t you think, this high chair is also separating your baby from the rest of the family? I mean, why did you buy that thing? So that your baby can join you at the family meal, right? But, even after the baby’s under the same roof as you, is still separated from the family.

Didn’t that ever occurred in your mind that it’d be really great if the baby could join you right at the dining table? It’d be also good for the baby since s/he’d learn to have meal with the family from a very young age. Yes, giving them lessons of family time from an early age is very important for family bonding. Again, it’d be awesome to have a family meal where the littlest member is also joining! Adorable, right?

Graco understands the feel. That’s why they came up with this TableFit High Chair. All the advantages of high chair and guess what, fits with dining table just like the perfect size shoe so that your baby can join you at family dinner!

But we’re not suggesting you to buy this right away! Before making the purchase, a thorough sight of the product is required, right? Your following concern as a sensible customer is totally legitimate and we appreciate it.

That’s why we have a Graco TableFit High Chair review. After reading this Graco TableFit High Chair review, the reason for calling it the best high chair will be crystal clear to you. We hope that you’ll find the Graco TableFit High Chair review helpful for your purchase.

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Graco Table2Table Convertible High Chair Review

Graco is a popular baby product brand and you’ll always find a number of their products in every annual best-selling list. Graco TableFit High Chair is also guaranteed to give you the same satisfaction and here are the reasons why:

3 Recline Adjustments

The high chair is built ‘high’ so that an adult can feed the baby while standing. But this construction is quite uncomfortable and unsuitable for a table. That’s why it features 3 adjustable recline positions that will help to fit your baby’s sitting position with the table top. You can also adjust these reclines to fit the growing baby.

Sloping Front

To fit the table, the front of the chair is made sloppy instead of flat. So that the seat doesn’t block your baby’s feet from joining you at the table.

8 Height Positions

The main problem with baby furniture is that they become useless after a while since babies grow up too fast. Keeping the fact in mind, Graco has included 8 height positions, so that you can adjust the chair as your baby grows up.

Adjustable Foot Rest

Since there’s nothing with the seat to fasten baby’s feet and it’s quite uncomfortable if the legs are dangling just like that from a high position, this chair comes with adjustable foot rest. You can adjust the foot rest according to baby’s height and this adjustment option also makes it compatible with the growing baby. Your baby’s feet are growing? No problem, just adjust the foot rest!

Safety Harness

Harness system is a must for baby’s high chair and since this chair features a sloping front, it requires stronger restraint system. That’s why Graco TableFit High Chair comes with 3 and 5-point harness for baby’s ultimate security on the seat. Harness height can be adjusted.

Tray and Tray-insert

Graco TableFit High Chair features removable tray that can be removed with only one hand. This dining tray comes with a removable tray insert. Also features a snack tray for baby’s snack time.

Easy to Wash

For your cleaning convenience, the seat is made with wipable and machine-washable fabric. So you can easily clean it after your kid has splattered all food mess here and there on the seat. The tray is wipable and the tray insert is dishwasher-friendly.

Suitable Design

As this chair’s main purpose is to fit your dining table, kitchen counter and other household tables, the chair is built with special tray design. So that you can easily slide this chair with the table edge. With 8 height positions, the chair is compatible with tables of random heights.

Storage Convenient

You can fold the chair frame and store it when there’s no use of it. The folding also makes it easy to stash the chair in narrow space.

What We Liked Most
  • 8 height positions makes it fit for random length tables and also compatible with growing baby
  • 3 recline positions for baby’s sitting convenience
  • Sloping front to fit tables
  • Washable tray and seat pad
  • Folds for storing convenience
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • 3, 5-point harness for baby’s protection
  • Snack tray for baby’s snack time
What We Didn’t Like
  • Tray captures dirt easily
  • Chair assembling is complicated
  • Tray isn’t dishwasher-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the recommended age for the baby?

Ans: Up to 3 years.

What is the maximum weight requirement?

Ans: Up to 40 lbs.

Can you attach the larger tray without snack tray?

Ans: No.

Are the straps removable to clean?

Ans: Yes.

Final Verdict

Graco has always added innovative concepts in regular designs and same fascination can be spotted in Graco TableFit High Chair. It’s a fabulous piece of furniture which isn’t only a high chair but also a quite good fit to your household tables. Comes with height and recline positions for your growing baby. Slopy front is the perfect feature to blend with any basic table design. After reading our Graco TableFit High Chair review, we hope all your dilemmas are cleared and you’re ready to make the right decision. So, going for Graco TableFit High Chair?

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