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Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair

Hey there, I’m back with an awesome baby product review. If you’re looking for a perfect baby highchair, then this article is for you.

I’ve written full Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair reviews. Here I’ve included a valuable buying guide and a complete review of Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair.

I’ve written about Graco products before, and you know Graco is a well-known outdoor and baby products manufacturer company. They’re providing excellent products through their website and several e-commerce sites. They’re an American baby products provider company.

The highchair is one of the top baby products by Graco. They have much more baby products and some highchair also. But I’m going to reveal the best one’s review.

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Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair Reviews And Features

  • Slimmest high chair ever
  • Best travel highchair
  • Good storage system
  • The seat is machine washable
  • Safe for your kid
  • Easier to feeding kids


Most of the experts recommend this highchair because of its slimness. Probably it’s the slimmest high chair ever. It has a great storage system.

Six height positions have made this highchair safe for your kids. You can feed them easier than before with this highchair.

It’s convenient when you’re traveling. It’s one of the best travel highchairs also. It’s a lightweight product. You can move this from one place to another location quickly.

There is no tension for assembling the whole highchair. It’s always ready and pre-assembles. You just need to use this.

Feeding tray is removable and dishwasher safe. This beautiful dish has made this highchair more beautiful.

There is one of the best seats ever in this highchair. You can remove this seat cover, and it’s machine washable. That’s incredible.

Overall, this is an ultimate baby product according to his features.

What We Liked Most
  • Best for travel
  • With extra accessories
  • Affordable and worth of money
  • It’s a vigorous and sturdy highchair
  • Slimmest
  • Compact
What We Didn’t Like
  • Wheel locks are hard to use

Advantage of this Highchair

I would love to recommend products after a little research or experiment. For this highchair, I applied a little trick also. I was succeeded, and for this here I’ve posted this Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair reviews.

I analyzed large user data and experts recommendation. I don’t claim myself as an expert.

One of mine Los Angeles Aunt Naomi, she asked me through Twitter for a good high chair for her one-year-old grandson.

I suggested this Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair, and after few weeks, I talked to her about this highchair. This Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair reviews is the result of that conversation. She was surprised about the quality and performance of this highchair. She suggested this to some of her family friends also.

I asked her to give some honest opinion about this products, and she explained me like this.

“I’ve loved this highchair, I have got a one-year-old grandson and he also likes to stay in this highchair. I’ve found that it’s super safe for this old kids. He loves to play with the toddler. We can feed him better than before. Features and deign of this highchair is incredible. I’m highly suggesting this for your kid. Already two of my friend bought their one after my suggestion.”

Naomi aunt’s opinion and my customer data analysis, these two were super confident about the product. This positive sign has inspired me to write this Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair reviews.

I’m thankful to her for her honest review and thank all of the customers of this product.

I liked the seat and its slimness most. I’ve never seen before any baby highchair that is slim like this highchair.

Obviously, it is an ultimate one, and you should buy this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about the seat of this high chair? Is it machined washable?

Ans: This highchair’s seat is incredible, you can remove the seat. The seat cover is made of extraordinary fabrics. You can wash this quickly and yes its washing machine washable.

Can I change the seat cover? Where to get this?

Ans: Yes, the seat cover is removable. You can change this anytime. For the best seat cover, you’ve to contact with Graco. You can buy all related products from their website.

Is it suitable for small babies?

Ans: Yes, it is. But it’s best for six months or up kids. You can buy this for your little child. Remember, it’s good for growing children also.

What about the folding system?

Ans: Already I mentioned that it’s the slimmest baby high chair ever. You can fold this quickly. It’s too hard to fold this highchair. For its popularity, this feature is a good reason.

How big is this highchair and what about the safety?

Ans: It’s about 46inch tall from the ground, and it is super safe for kids.

It’s with six heights position, and this positioning system has made it safer than ever.

Final Verdict

According to customer reviews and experts recommendation, I’ve written this Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair Reviews.

I tried to introduce you with a good baby item. Buying a baby product isn’t easy anymore. You’ve to judge vast options before buying one. In this case, this Graco highchair is passed by huge expert’s recommendation and its reputation.

After verifying all of these pieces of information and analyze user data I’m highly suggesting this highchair. If you’re looking for a baby highchair then must go for it.


It’s a high quality and affordable baby item. You should buy this if you want a good product within your budget.

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