Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair Reviews

Hey there, I’m back with my awesome review guides. Today I’m going to introduce you with a very special convertible baby high chair which is with tremendous advantages. Probably that can be the best guide to choose a baby high chair for your kid. Let’s move on Graco Blossom review.

Graco is a well known American baby product manufacturer company. This company was founded 75 years ago, and the founder was Russell Grey. They’re providing large baby item into the market and selling these through their site and several e-commerce websites. Today’s convertible high chair manufacturer is Graco. In this Graco Blossom review, I’ll try to inform you detailed about this product.

You know we don’t suggest any product without advantages. Yes, this convertible high chair has tremendous usefulness, and that can be a great solution for your kid.

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom Review And Features

  • Best for your growing kids
  • With a great design
  • Convenient for all aged kid
  • With a removable tray
  • Ultimate solution for feed a baby

This high chair sitting system is the best system ever. I can say this without any hesitant. I did a small research on it and found this interesting result. Large amount customers buy this only for the great seat.

It’s a different type of high chair. Yeah, you’ve read right, it’s a 4 in 1 convertible high chair. These kinds of high chair are not rare, but it’s hard to find a high-quality seat.

Do you know it’s better for whom? If your kid is growing quickly, then it’s for you. It’s the final solution for the growing children.

I have been fascinated with the design of the high chair. I’m thankful to my mate Lisa who has shown me this high chair.

Its height position has been accurate with six positions. For these place systems, it’s easier to adjust the feeding tray with the main chair.  For this usefulness, you can feed your kid easier and without any problem. The tray is removable and dishwasher safe.

The seat is portable; you can remove this without any obstacles. It’s easier to wash the seat separately. It doesn’t become dirty quickly. There is a particular kind of fabric that doesn’t accumulate dirt quickly.

Advantages of this Product

Now I’ll describe those benefits which have fascinated me to write a review about this.

I heard about this from one of my best friend Lisa, and she was the first known user of this high chair. I listened a lot about this from her. She bought one for her one-year daughter. Then I decided to do a little research about it. Here I’m going to reveal the research result. Remember that’s a little experiment only.

I suggested entire eight people buy this. Two of them were from Facebook friend list. Six of them bought this high chair, and I talked with everyone.

They provided me a long review and their full experience about this. I will try to write shortly because I don’t want to bother my readers.

First of all one of my mom friend Melanie aunt, I suggested her for her six-month grandson.  I talked to her on phone and asked about this high chair.

She explained me the whole feature of this high chair that I’ve been written above. Naturally, she is a fastidious lady. She loves to buy anything after a great judgment. I swear she hasn’t been cheated by any low-quality product in her whole life. I suggested this to her because I knew that it would be easy to know detailed from her.

She said that she had bought this high chair only for great design and excellent booster seat. She added that my recommendation encouraged her to buy this. She didn’t know anything about its performance and quality. I assured her about the quality of this high chair, she believed me, and we’ve been able to find a great high chair.

I want to thank Melanie aunt for her remarkable contribution.

What We Liked Most
  • Adjustable height
  • Multi-tray system
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable tray is easy to clean
What We Didn’t Like
  • Straps are little bit hard


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about the fabric? Is it removable or can I wash this through the washing machine?

Ans: Yeah, the fabric is removable. You can remove or change the fabric anytime. But you can’t put thin into the washer.

But you will be happy to know that the fabric can be clean with a simple wipe. You can use a small piece of sponge for this task. And it doesn’t gather dirt.

Is the highchair materials BPA free?

Ans: One of my friends told me that she assumed it is BPA and Lead-free. I noticed some more customer reviews while researching about this. Most of them told it’s free from BPA and lead.

So we can take a favourable decision in this case.

Do you know the shipping size?

Ans: Size does matter, and for a high chair it’s an important issue. According to one of my customer, it is about three to four feet tall and two feet wide while shipping.

What about the design and structure?

Ans: Its design is modern and suitable for a kid. It’s a strong and sturdy product. You can quickly assemble the whole high chair. The structural design proves its great performance and usefulness.

The structure is necessary for safety. And when you’re buying a baby product you can’t skip protection anyway. You’ve to ensure the security first.

This high chair is fully safe according to its structure.

Buying Guide for Highchair

Buying a highchair isn’t a terrible job. But most of the time people become hesitant. They become fail to choose the best one.  Here I’m including some facts that you’ve to consider before buying a high chair.


Safety is the most important option while you’re buying a baby product. In every baby products, you’ve to ensure the security. If you become, fail to choose a safe product that can be harmful to your kid.

The highchair is an important part of a kid. They spend a decent time with it, and you’ve to keep them hundred percent safe at this stage.

So before buying a high chair, ensure safety.

And this Graco Blossom convertible high chair is with six position system that is fully safe for any kids.


There are several types of highchair; they don’t own every kind of features. But you’ve to ensure most feature in your highchair. Remember this is a baby product, and kids like to stay glad.So never buy any highchair with fewer features.

In this Graco Blossom review, I’ve shown all feature of this convertible high chair. It’s rich with features.You can buy this.


You must have to buy a comfortable product for babies. While you want to buy highchair you’ve to consider its support.

Avoid all comfortless highchairs. For this, you’ve to judge the booster seat. Its quality ensures the comfort of a highchair. Highchair seat is one of the most important parts of a highchair.

I’m ensuring the comfort of this Graco convertible highchair’s comfort.


It is possible to buy a highchair with fifty bucks, so why would you spend more than a hundred bucks for this? There have some causes. Price does matter, but it’s not perfect to buy a cheap quality product with a low price.

But you’ve to judge the price. You should avoid too many high prices.

Final Verdict

Graco Blossom review is for you to find the best baby high chair. This guide will assist you in choose an ultimate baby high chair.

This Graco Blossom convertible high chair is a fabulous high chair that you can buy for your kid without any hesitant.

I told Graco is a well-known baby product manufacturer company. And I’ve found something exceptional to them.

I’m recommending the high chair to you all. If you’re looking for a convertible high chair, then there is no more solution for you. I have written this Graco Blossom Review to inform you about a good high chair.

My small experiment inspired me a lot. I did the experiment to ensure about write this guide and hopefully, I was right. This high chair hasn’t disappointed me.


After all, there’re huge high chairs in the market. But you should choose one which is suitable for your kid. I hope this guide will help you to define the best baby high chair.

I’m interested to know your experience about this high chair, and please share your story in the comment section.

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