Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Review

High chairs came as a blessing to parents since feeding infants isn’t as easy as adult dining. It’s easy to feed the baby in a high chair and your baby gets to be prepared for dining from the very beginning of their childhood. But after a little while, this convenient high chair becomes the most inconvenient member of the family, whPreview (opens in a new tab)en your baby is way too big for the purpose………or decides to join you at the dining table.

Besides, no matter, how secure the placement is or how compact the harness, babies somehow get out of control and sneak out of the safety zone, which is both dangerous and troublesome. In short, high chairs are perfect for infant feeding, but as they grow up and figure out their body parts can move more differently than just crawling; you know it’s time to come up with something more compatible than a high chair. Yes, you need to boost the ability of this high chair, by bringing a booster seat home.

Why booster seat? In their growing years, booster seats are efficient for children to accommodate with needed dining customs. Since toddlers still find it difficult to seat on adult chairs and enjoy their food as you do, booster chair helps to reduce that problem.

Moreover, when babies are growing up, high chairs aren’t suitable anymore. It’s not just the body growth that doesn’t fit, it’s also the security system. High chair isn’t enough to fasten your prompt kid in one seat. That’s when it’s time you moved to the booster seat.

But market is full of thousands of booster seats and to maintain the rank, every company has their best products on the list. So it’s really hard to choose only one from so many options. There are a lot of quality products. But you need only one seat. So it’s natural for you to ask, which one would be the best?

Well, if you don’t know what’d be the best option, there’s no need to pull out your hair. We’ve a good product in our mind. Fisher-price is a reputed manufacturing company and there’s nothing new to enclose here, almost every kid and their parents have come across their products at least once in their lifetime. And for decades, they’ve been ruling the market for quality baby products, which you already know.

So, we don’t think you’ll mind to bring Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster seat home. But don’t worry, we’re not only suggesting the name. For your utter satisfaction, we also have Fisher-Price Booster Seat review. Your all unanswered questions will get answered after reading our Fisher-Price Booster Seat review.

In our Fisher-Price Booster Seat review, we’ve highlighted the main features to let you know why it’d be the best choice for your baby. So, take a look at our Fisher-Price Booster Seat review and have your dilemma all cleared this instant.

Fisher Price Booster Seat review

Fisher-Price is a popular brand for baby products and always been the favorite choice of the most Americans for its quality materials and edge-cutting innovative products. You also get to enjoy the same satisfying result with Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. And it’s manufactured with quality features for your baby’s complete convenience. Let’s have a look on the best features:

Fit For Chairs

It’s designed to fit universal chair design to prevent accident caused by slipping. The booster comes with durable front and rear seat straps for sturdy placement. Just strap it around the chair’s bottom and rear part, and it’ll stay stiff. The straps are strong enough to prevent sliding even with the baby’s unstable movements.

Safety Harness

It doesn’t only feature straps to tie the seat. It also features compact 3-point harness to fasten the baby securely on the seat. So, you won’t have to worry about slight accidents. You can adjust the harness according to the baby’s convenience.

Height Adjustments

Sometimes the booster seats aren’t comfortable for some heights and Fisher-Price understands the problem. That’s why the chair features three height adjustments for baby’s sitting convenience. It also makes the chair suitable for baby’s growing days.

Sitting Support

For sitting safety, Fisher-Price Booster Seat features stiff back and side support. So that your baby stays in the safe zone and don’t fall out of the seat.

Convenient Feeding Tray

And here comes the main attraction: the feeding tray. Fisher-Price Booster Seat features a feeding tray that’s designed for your utter convenience. Usually high chair trays are pretty inconvenient because they get dirty frequently and it’s exhausting to spend all your valuable minutes in wiping and scrubbing them.

That’s why Fisher-Price Booster Seat features a snap on lid with this tray. You can cover the tray while not feeding and keep it clean longer than any other high chair trays. The tray is removable and dishwasher friendly. But we recommend hand washing for 100% cleaning. Since it’s for a little child, no compromise! It also comes with a built-in cup holder.

No Crevice

Crevices in high chairs often become the reason of agony because crumbs always get stuck there. That’s why this chair is built without crevices to get rid of this crumb sticking problem.

The Chair Folds

Porting and storing is easier with folded piece of furniture. This product is built with folding option. Folding makes it convenient to take the chair places and store in crucial space. Also features shoulder straps for carrying advantage.

What We Liked Most
  • Straps for the seat’s secure placement
  • 3-point harness for baby’s safety
  • Dishwasher friendly tray with Snap-On lead
  • Height adjustments for growing toddler
  • Crevice free seat
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Folding option makes the chair’s storing and placing convenient
  • Shoulder straps for carrying comfort
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not perfect for overgrown toddlers
  • Seat can be uncomfortable since there’s no fabric
  • Tray comes out easily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the right time to move the baby to booster seat?

A: From the time they can sit up on their own.

What materials are used in making of this chair?

A: It’s made of 100% plastic.

Would it fit a cushioned chair?

A: If the straps fit, the seat will fit.

Can you install/remove the tray with one hand?

A: Yes.

What is the weight limit?

A: 50 lbs. maximum.

Final Verdict

Fisher-price is popular because they’re always careful about both parents’ and children’s convenience. And you will get to enjoy the same convenience with this Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat as well. It features straps and back/arm support for the baby’s ultimate security. The whole thing is made of plastic which makes it cleaning friendly.

The tray is built dishwasher-friendly and comes with a snap on lead. Folds for easy portability and storing convenience. The height adjustment options make it the best booster seat for growing babies. The purpose of our Fisher-Price Booster Seat review was to give you a clear sight of the product. We hope our Fisher-Price Healthy Booster Seat review will help you to make a wise purchase.

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