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Top 10 Best Crib Mattress Reviews for 2020

Picking the best crib mattress for babies might seem like a boring activity but it’s one that deserves caring consideration. An infant’s mattress is as critical as their crib, and we highly recommend buying a high-quality crib using our guide. Why does a baby crib mattress matter? For starters, your baby will spend a large majority of its time sleeping over the first couple of years. It might seem difficult to believe, especially when you are waking to feed a crying baby late at night, but infants sleep up to 18 hours a day.

You will want to ensure the mattress fits inside your crib properly without gaps that could pose a danger to your baby’s health. Infant mattresses should feel firm, softer models can conform to the shape of your baby’s head or face, increasing the risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Best Crib Mattress Comfortable For Your Sweet Kid

For a parent seeking peace of mind, an organic crib mattress could be a worthwhile investment. A Naturepedic crib mattress is manufactured from non-toxic materials which studies have shown could be hazardous to an infant’s health.

Our Baby Crib Mattress Reviews

In our cot mattress reviews, we cover all the leading brands so you can make an informed decision about which mattress suits your baby. We also discuss organic crib mattresses for parents seeking the seeking peace of mind which organic products provide.

Top Rated Baby Crib Mattress!

Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Ultra Deluxe 2-in-1 Innerspring Crib and Toddler Mattress



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Simmons Beautyrest Crib Mattress is a top-rated crib mattress. The best baby mattress on our list is Simmons Kids Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers Ultra Deluxe. Why is the Simmons Beautyrest the leading toddler mattress on the market? Firstly, the sales figures speak for themselves, it is the bestselling crib mattress literally going out-of-stock within days of being released. Two: It’s the safest crib mattress rated by many child sleeping experts. It is also a very good value when comparing the price to other baby mattresses.

Simmons Beautyrest Crib Mattress Features

This Simmons kids crib mattress contains a coil spring mattress but is also is certified by both the GreenGuard Gold and Certipur. Additionally, the mattress is flame resistant and certified by the Federal standards body, and its fire redundant cover is made of a 100% hypoallergenic linen.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • SIZE: 27.5″W x 52″L x <6″H


Another great feature is the Simmons crib mattress is dual-sided, with a firm version for infants, firm to avoid accidents like crib death and the other side soft enough for a toddler, with its coil as opposed to the foam base. We consider Simmons Kids Beautyrest the best baby mattress for 2017. Basically all of the features listed above all within a budget comfortably under $200. Read our Simmons Kids Beautyrest review right here.

Top-Rated Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252 Crib Mattress


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Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress for babies. When parents are selecting a crib and mattress for their newborn baby it can be very exciting. But with the excitement also comes stress, once parents become aware of the issues surrounding conventional mattress manufacturing methods. Many common mattresses contain toxic materials such as fire retardants, plasticizers, polyurethane foam, and vinyl which have been linked to infant health problems and child development.

There is a theory among medical professionals that suggests a possible trigger for SIDS is caused by the toxic chemicals released by standard crib mattresses. When a household fungus called Scopulariopsis brevicaulis mixes with the elements of phosphorous, arsenic, or antimony which are found in chemical fire retardants contained in mattresses, the combination can generate poisonous gases that are highly toxic.

Naturepedic is the best baby mattress brand when it comes to delivering the guarantee safety seal for non-toxic, 100% natural and organic toddler crib mattresses. The Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress is our selection as the Best Organic Crib Mattress for babies available. Although the mattress is more expensive than others reviewed on our website, with organic mattresses you are paying for the peace of mind it brings keeping your baby safe and healthy.

This particular Naturepedic crib mattress is made in the USA from 100% organic cotton and has two-stage dual firmness, which is a great benefit of having a firm infant side and a less firm toddler side, it has not just a waterproof surface but waterproof seams which means obliterating germs it that much easier. Check out our Naturepedic No Compromise review.

So it’s definitely worth considering the added expense of an organic crib mattress for your baby. If the Naturepedic mattress is out of your budget, another option is purchasing a Harlow’s Earth Crib Mattress Cover, which is basically a non-toxic plastic wrapper.


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Safety 1st Transitions Baby and Toddler Mattress

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This is another 2-stage baby crib mattress, providing two levels of firmness for babies on one side and toddlers on the other. Both sides should provide maximum comfort for children though, by ensuring the perfect level of cushion and support. The toddler side includes an additional cushioning layer to ensure they – and therefore you – get a better night’s sleep.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • Made with a high-density thermo-bonded core made from polyester fibers
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water resistance
  • Dual-purpose mattress
  • Mattress dimensions: 52″L x 27.5″W X 5″H.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification


This Crib mattress is particularly lightweight and durable, making it very practical for active kids and parents. It is non-flammable without the use of harsh chemicals and has achieved Greenguard Gold Certification. This is also one of the best value products on the market right now and offers great value for money, particularly considering the dual-purpose nature. It should fit most cribs as well as toddler beds.

Colgate Ultra II – 150 Coil Innerspring Crib Mattress

“Orthopedic-Style Hypoallergenic Crib and Toddler Mattress With Waterproof Cover”


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This is a great mattress for parents who want to ensure the best possible health for their toddlers. This will offer great back support and encourage a good posture thanks to the orthopedic design, while the hypoallergenic materials will prevent any rashes or irritation. Ventilated materials ensure maximum airflow to keep the mattress fresh and airy while the coir fiber insulator pad made from natural coconut shell provides excellent cushioning and comfort.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • High-quality spring unit – 150 coils of thick 13.5-Gauge steel coils, with 9.0-Gauge steel border rods for sturdy edge support
  • Extra comfort from two supportive cotton batting cushioning layers
  • Renewable coir fiber Insulator pad made from coconut shell husks
  • Cloth binding seams for mattress durability
  • Breathable – Multiple side vents to ensure Mattress freshness and promote a healthy sleep environment


The bed is designed for all standard cribs (not portable) and is suitable for use with toddlers. Customer reviews about this baby crib mattress are incredibly popular for this product, praising the excellent comfort, soft materials, and gentle materials. Overall, this is a mattress that will ensure a sound night’s sleep for the smallest member of your family – as far as anything can ensure a sound night’s sleep, anyway!

Newton Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress

100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic


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[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • 100% Breathable Wovenaire Core
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 28 x 5.5 inches
  • Waterproof Layer
  • Temperature regulating to prevent overheating, eliminate sweaty backs and improve sleep quality


This is another excellent crib mattress for babies, for those who want to cover all bases with something that offers excellent comfort, great support, and hypoallergenic material to prevent irritation and rashes. Like others on this list, this is an organic mattress that contains no springs, latex or glue. In fact, Wovenaire claims to be ‘better than organic’ – although we’re not sure what that means precisely!

This mattress is completely washable, which makes it easy for parents to keep it completely clean and hygienic at all times. The breathable design meanwhile ensures the mattress will smell fresh and stay cool – and also helps babies to breathe easily even when they’re lying face down!

The longevity of this mattress should compare to a 2-stage, without the need to flip it over. This ensures that you can get decades of use out of it, with no need for a replacement.
Overall, this is another fantastic mattress with a great level of cushy firmness and a thoughtful choice of safe materials.

Lullaby Earth Breeze 2-Stage Crib Mattress

Breeze Breathable Crib Mattress – Chemical Free, Dual Firmness, with Removable Washable Protector


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This mattress is designed expertly to ensure maximum support and comfort for your infant and uses a smart 2-stage design to cater to newborns and toddlers alike.

2-stage crib mattresses work by featuring differing levels of support on each side – appropriate for infants and toddlers alike. This is combined with an advanced ‘3D honeycomb structure’ that creates a clever cushion of air to encourage maximum airflow and breath-ability, while simultaneously adding support and comfort.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • Breathable surface allows baby to breathe even when face down
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • 2-stage flippable dual firmness, reinforced edges, food-grade waterproofing.
  • No flame retardants, PU foam, soy foam, vinyl/PVC, PFAS, adhesives, or formaldehyde.
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 27.5 x 6 inches


This is all further enhanced by a ‘double waterproof’ rating, which prevents the mattress from absorbing and breathing urine vapor and other unwanted moisture. A good design like this helps to protect the health and safety of your baby. The mattress is very lightweight with a very snug fit and weighs just 8lbs. It should fit any standard crib.

LA Baby Natural IV Triple Zone 2 in 1 Soy Foam Crib Mattress

“2 in 1 Soy Foam Crib Mattress with Blended Visco Bamboo Quilted Cover”


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This mattress stands out thanks to its high-density soy foam core. This offers a great level of comfort and support while using only organic and very safe materials. When choosing a mattress for infants, it is always important to avoid potentially harmful agents and materials that can cause irritation – and that’s exactly what this mattress does.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • The CertiPUR-US Certified high-density soy foam core and borders for extra side edge support
  • The blended viscose from Bamboo cover is made from 40% bamboo fiber, 45% micro fiber and 15% spandex that allows the cover to stretch and conform to either inner spring or soy foam cores.
  • Air-vents promote mattress freshness
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 27.5 x 5.8 inches


A blended bamboo quilted cover only further continues this use of natural, organic and healthy materials – while also offering many natural advantages. The bamboo cover has a waterproof back and dust mite barrier, while also being hypo-allergenic and very comfortable to sleep on (that’s pretty important too!). And because the mattress cover is included, the two together offer a very good deal.

Borders are also designed to offer extra edge support and to prevent babies from rolling out during the night and potentially hurting themselves.
Getting all these features together in one package makes for an excellent bargain and ensures that your children will be able to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with no irritation or toxins. You could say this option will (mattress) cover all bases…

DaVinci Twilight Hypoallergenic Universal Fit Waterproof 6-Inch Ultra Firm Deluxe Crib Mattress

“Universal Fit Waterproof 6-Inch Ultra Firm Deluxe Crib Mattress”

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This is an ultra-firm mattress for infants that is incredibly reasonably priced. For parents that want to provide their children with a firm and comfortable night’s sleep and all the trappings of hypoallergenic materials and additional features but without spending their child’s college fund!

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • Free of adhesives, lead, TRIS, phthalates, and toxic flame retardants
  • Single piece composition with a firm, flat even surface
  • Triple-laminated waterproof cover; 6-inch flat and firm foam center; Hypoallergenic construction
  • Fits all standard size cribs
  • Made in the USA; 25-year warranty
  • Product Dimensions 52 x 27.5 x 6 inches


This product ticks all the usual boxes thanks to its lead, adhesive, TRIS, phthalates and toxic flame retardant free construction. This ensures that it is completely non-toxic and complete hypoallergenic – your child will experience no irritation and you can rest assured they’re not inhaling toxins while they sleep.

The mattress is made from a single piece, which helps to keep it flat, firm and even. It also has a triple-laminated waterproof cover, which is always a good feature to look for. Waterproofing helps to prevent a mattress from absorbing urine and sweat particles, as well as moisture and even mold spores from the air. Without this feature, your baby might find themselves ‘re-breathing’ that moisture while they sleep.

At only 4lbs, this is a very light and convenient mattress too. It will fit any standard crib. Note however that the lower price tag is indicative of slightly less durable materials, so it might not be as suitable as a ‘hand-me-down’ as others that we have featured here.

Sealy Baby Soybean Serenity Foam-Core Waterproof Standard Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress

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This is a fully organic crib mattress for infants, made from cotton enhanced woven fabric and an eco-friendly, waterproof, allergen barrier. The high-density soybean foam core is designed to be highly lightweight and durable while offering the winning combination of firmness and cushioning.

[su_box title=”Special Features” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#ef45d5″]

  • Lightweight durable and CertiPur-US Certified soybean foam-core
  • Exclusive Crypton Clean Sleep technology
  • Product Dimensions 27.2 x 5 x 51.6 inches


In short, this is a mattress that does everything it can to ensure your baby will sleep soundly and be completely safe from moisture, toxins, allergens and other irritants. The waterproofing is excellent for preventing absorption and staining – but the choice of a slightly off-white color scheme is still a very good decision, seeing as it means the mattress isn’t going to look worn and old in no time.

Crypton Clean Sleep Technology completes the package, with a sleeping surface that stays cool, quiet and soft throughout the night. Your baby is learning huge amounts of information during the day and needs a deep, restful sleep to cement all those new neuronal connections during the night. This is a mid-priced product with top-end features that will ensure they get just that.


Crib Mattress Buying Guide

The Different Types of Crib Mattress for babies

Crib mattresses are commonly manufactured in two types of models: foam and innerspring. Both types when they are good quality will retain their shape and provide excellent support for infants and toddlers. There are a few differences to consider. Foam, usually manufactured from polyurethane tends to be lighter compared to an equivalent innerspring mattress. So especially for some parents a lighter mattress will make cleaning and set up easier with a foam mattress. Foam is also less absorbent and therefore less likely to be used as a springboard or trampoline when your child is older.

Buy Baby Crib Mattresses made from Good Quality Materials

Whichever type of mattress you pick, quality should be the number one consideration. Cheaper foam and innerspring mattresses have thin vinyl coverings and edgings which can crack and tear. More expensive mattresses tend to have coverings which are thicker, puncture-resistant and triple laminates, or very fine organic cotton. An innerspring mattress that has better-gauge steel and better-quality cushioning will be heavier.

You won’t need to spend a fortune on the Princess and the Pea to get a good-quality model. Typically mattresses that cost between $80 and $250 will keep your baby safe and content. Foam and innerspring mattresses are comparable in price, ranging from $50 to over $400. Higher priced mattresses are made with organic cotton or natural latex. Lower priced models below $80 tend to be very soft and flimsy. Higher-priced models typically have firmer bases and therefore safer for your child.

What to Look for When Buying a Crib Mattress for Baby

A mattress contains the most important components on its inside. Some crib mattresses feel fantastic in the store but begin to degrade quickly once your baby begins sleeping in it. Trustworthy and knowledgeable sales staffs are few and far between, even at reputable retail outlets. Many will say innerspring mattresses are better than foam because foam tends to perish easily after 18 months.

That may have been true many years ago, but not anymore. A top-quality foam crib mattress will hold up just as long as an innerspring crib mattress with normal use.
Once you get a rough idea of options within your budget range, you should compare the crib mattress features to determine which are ‘must-haves’ for your nursery.

One place to start? The manufacturer website, makers are required by law to reveal which materials a mattress is made from. Don’t buy a mattress from a manufacturer or retailer that doesn’t clearly list this information.

Should I Buy a New or Used Baby Mattress?

Although it may be tempting to purchase a used mattress, we would not recommend it. Buying a new crib mattress will ensure that the mattress is free of germs and bacteria. If you buy a used mattress, you won’t know if it was cared for or stored correctly.

Dampness can cause mold to grow on improperly stored crib mattresses, and bacteria can fester on the surface from liquids (diaper leakage, saliva, and vomit) that weren’t properly cleaned up. If you buy a new one for your first child and keep it clean, you can use it for your next child if you store it in a dry environment and it stays firm.

Mattress Covers – Cleaning and Caring for Crib Mattresses

Using a tightly fitting, washable and waterproof mattress cover is a great method for protecting the mattress and keeping your baby’s sleeping environment as clean and healthy as possible.

Extended Warranties aren’t Worth the Extra Money

Some mattress manufacturers offer warranties for several years or even a lifetime. We would not recommend paying extra for a long warranty. Warranties are mostly a marketing tool to entice the consumer to spend more. Generally, you can expect a quality crib mattress to last many years as long as you care for it.

Additional Safety Advice

For parents seeking more information regarding the best baby crib mattress on the market make sure to check the following authority resource links. You will be able to select the best mattress brand and therefore pick the perfect mattress for your child.

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