Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair Reviews

High chairs are every baby’s companion on their crawling days. But you can’t drag your baby’s high chair everywhere you go and the problem can’t be overlooked. That’s why hook on chairs were invented, to eliminate the feeding agony regardless of the place.

All you gotta do is just clip it onto the dining table and voila! And the fun part is, unlike your regular high chair, this fella can be brought along anywhere you go. So when you’re in a restaurant, you won’t have to ask the waiter or manager for their service high chairs and you won’t have to bother about feeding your baby whether you’re home or abroad.

Besides, your baby gets to be familiar with dining etiquette from the very beginning. In short, hook on high chairs are always a blessing for the parents who are on the rush…..or just need a little more something than an average high chair. The purpose of the hook on high chair is to make infant feeding task more convenient and fill up the holes that a regular high chair can’t.

When you’ve already clicked on the link to this article, there’s no reason to question your purpose. It’s evident that you’re looking for a hook on high chair. And there’s no need to ask that either, what quality is on your mind. Every customer wants to have their hands on the best product and we know you’re also looking for the same. To be honest, there are actually a number of quality hook on high chairs and it’s hard to choose just one.

That’s why we’ve reviewed a best-selling hook on high chair for your buying convenience. Chicco is a well-known name in the market of baby items. Here we have Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair review to let you know why Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair is a good choice for your baby. We hope you’ll find our Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair review helpful for your purchase.

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair reviews

Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair is one of the best quality hook on chairs in the market. It is manufactured with quality materials for durability and features convenient utility options for comfortable usage. Actually, not just one, there are a number of reasons to call it the best hook on chair. Those reasons are highlighted below for Chicco Caddy Hook on

Fit With Almost Any Table

The most occurred problem with a hook on chair is whether it’d fit the tables or not. They may fit your own dining table perfectly, but not the tables you come across outside. But Chicco is always careful about their customer convenience; this is why they designed the chair’s range and clamps suitable for universal table design, which makes it fit hook on chair for the most tables. Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair fits tables up to 2.5” thick and feature up to 5.25” collar.


When is a thing easy to port somewhere? When it’s lightweight. Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair is manufactured with nylon fabric and for the structure, metal has been used. Chicco used alloy material to make the chair durable yet lightweight. So you won’t have to get all worked up to take this tiny chair places.

Folds Easily

The work always becomes easier, when you can fold your stuffs. Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair seat folds flat and comes with a carry bag. So you can fold it and put it inside the bag, then take it anywhere you like. With folded attire, the hustle becomes less and this also makes the chair storing-convenient.

Comfortable Fabric

The chair seat is made with Italian-woven convenient nylon fabric, which is harmless for the baby. Nylon fabric makes the seat stronger and durable, which eliminates the risk of the seat tearing apart. You can remove the seat pad for cleaning. The seat is machine washable.

Convenient Table Clamp

And here comes the most important part: The table clamps. Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair features quick-grip table clamps. Clamps are constructed with compact materials to endure baby’s weight and feature rubberized arms to protect your table from its sharp marks. The clamps come with double-locking feature to clip onto the table tightly, so that your baby stays in place and doesn’t fall down.

Safety Harness

Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair features 3-point safety harness for baby’s safety during mealtime.

What We Liked Most
  • Folds easily
  • Lightweight
  • Features rubberized arms that don’t mark the table or harm anybody
  • Fits with almost any table
  • The seat is removable and washable
  • Double-locking clamps for tight grip
  • 3-point harness for baby’s safety
What We Didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t feature a tray
  • Not for toddlers and overweight infants
  • Not suitable for loose table tops and tables with single pedestal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the recommended age and weight for this chair?

Answer: 6 – 36 months or 37 lbs.

2. How do I fold the chair?

Answer: There are buttons on the chair arms. These buttons should be pressed in order to fold the chair. Slide adjustable support arms for convenient folding.

3. Does the table shape matter for clamping?

Answer: No.

4. Is it safe for glass table?

Answer: No matter how compact or strong your hook on chair is, you should never clip it onto a glass table. Glass is a sensitive material. The seat bouncing can tilt the glass surface and weight can crack it accidentally. So, avoid glass tables.

5. Can I attach a food tray with it?

Answer: No. You’ll have to use the table top.

Final Verdict

Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair is an ultimate solution for your baby’s out-of-the house mealtime convenience. It’s a substitute for diner and restaurant high chairs. And you won’t have to face a mealtime problem even if the place you’re visiting hasn’t got any high chair. It folds flat and is lightweight, which solves the problem of porting and storing. It’s manufactured with compact material and the seat is made of washable fabric. The metal clamps are perfect for strong grip and rubberized arms protect the furniture surface. Also safe for your little baby and comes with

It’s manufactured with compact material and the seat is made of washable fabric. The metal clamps are perfect for strong grip and rubberized arms protect the furniture surface. Also safe for your little baby and comes with harness for complete security. So, when you’re getting so many advantages with one tiny Chicco chair, I don’t see a reason to dislike it.

We know this chair is a great baby chair and that’s why we posted this Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair review for your utter satisfaction. We hope our Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair review has been able to meet your query and you got the answer you’re looking for. Now the decision is yours. Happy browsing!

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