Best Pregnancy Pillow: A Mothers Buyers Guide

Best Pregnancy Pillow to keep you comfortable. Are you currently in the later stages of pregnancy and beginning to experience uncomfortable pains? Aches in your back when sitting at a desk for too long? Seizing leg cramps at night? Weird pains above your pelvic area when standing up (all of which my doctor assures me is totally normal)? One of the difficulties, as you become more pregnant, is sleeping! Seeing the issue has existed for hundreds of years, there’s a variety of pregnancy pillows on the market in an effort to make you more comfortable while you get your last few months of quiet time!

Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

We’ve put three pregnancy pillows to the test. Before I continue with my review, I think it’s important to say that all women are different, all pregnancies are different and everyone carries their extra poundage differently. So, one pillow solution will not fit all. Which is probably why the Best Pregnancy Pillows come in so many shapes and sizes!

My 3 Top Rated Maternity Pillows

1. Comfort U – Full Body Maternity Pillow

Are you ready for a pillow that’s going to mold itself to you and cradle you in complete comfort? Then the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size) is the pillow for you! It will build a cocoon of support around you in order to relieve pressure, thus keeping you from tossing and turning all night long. Filled with Fusion Fiber, you can rest assured in knowing that this pillow is always going to be soft and fluffy. What’s more, it’s even hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Plus each strand is also highly polished to make sure that the fibers move easily against one another without lumping or clumping.

  • Verdict: Recommended


2. Newpoint Body Pillow Review

Newpoint Body Pillow

This pillow – the Newpoint Body Pillow – isn’t specifically designed for pregnancy which is nice because it is easy to find a pillowcase for it that matches your bedding, plus you can hang onto it after you have the baby (and of the three, it was the least expensive one by a significant margin). Lying it horizontally at the base of your headboard is a nice way to prop up all your pillows. It’s hypo-allergenic (which is important to me) and accommodates a number of body positions. It’s basically just something supportive to snuggle with.

I found the body pillow incredibly comfortable and had a very good night’s sleep. It’s overstuffed and smushy so that it filled out the contours of my pregnant frame and I didn’t think about the awkward positioning of my belly at all. It did occur to me that the pillow would be even better if it were in an L-shape so I could have something extra to rest my head on— I actually used my regular pillow for additional head support. But even so, I held onto the body pillow all night long and woke up pretty much in the same position in which I went to sleep.

  • Verdict: My selection as the best pillow available


3. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow Review

Leachco Back 'N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

The Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the self-touted ‘mother of all pregnancy pillows’ and is shaped in somewhat of a letter ‘C’. It bills itself as ‘total body comfort from head to toe’. It looks kind of ridiculous (like a huge snake), takes up your entire half of the bed and if it hadn’t been for this review, I never would have brought it into my home.

BUT. It was way more comfortable than I expected. First of all, you don’t need any other pillows besides the Snoogle— and this is coming from someone who normally sleeps with three. Your head, legs, and belly are all completely supported. The other great thing is that you can sleep with the ‘C’ spooning you from the back or you can sleep facing the back of ‘C’ so you have something to snuggle with from the front. Both positions were very different but equally comfortable. I chose to sleep facing the front of the ‘C’, partially so I wasn’t creating a weird barrier between my husband and me.

Which brings me to my one negative about the Snoogle. It really sets up a separate sleep area from your spouse. Your husband is not going to make a move while you’re employing the Snoogle or as I’ll call it from now on— “The Sex Shield”. But if you’re looking to keep your husband at a distance, then awesome— this is the pillow for you. Or, if you are really uncomfortable at night, then I bet the Snoogle could be a good solution.

  • Verdict: Great for comfort


What is a Pregnancy or Maternity Pillow?

There are several kinds of pregnancy pillows. The most common type is a long (up to 5 feet) tube-shaped pregnancy body pillow, which can be bent into various shapes to cradle and support the body, or simply lie alongside the body to keep the side-sleeper in a comfortable position. Second in popularity comes to the same tube but contoured into a permanent U-shape or horseshoe shape, and usually with more filling, like an overstuffed cushion. The third distinct type is designed to fit underneath the lower back, and hold the baby bump in a comfortable position when lying on the side. It can come in a bean, butterfly or wedge shape.

Most pregnancy pillows are a variation on one of these three themes, and pregnancy pillow reviews will usually explain the shape, size, and variety of support offered.

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Why Pregnant Women Should Sleep on Their Side

Once that baby has grown beyond a certain size it becomes impractical to lie on your stomach, even if it was previously your favorite sleeping position. Lying on your back isn’t advised either, because obstetricians say that in this position the weight of the prenatal uterus will slow down the flow rate of blood returning to your heart. This then has a knock-on effect, hindering the flow of blood to the fetus and increase stillbirth risk.

Another way in which that heavy uterus affects maternal health includes the extra pressure on the spine, back muscles, and intestines when lying in a prone position. This can cause muscular pain and hemorrhoids, as well as blood pressure problems. But lying on your side can put a strain on your hips and back, making relaxation difficult and sleep elusive.

Acquiring a maternity body pillow, which supports your body to make it easier to sleep on your side, seems a small price to pay in order to protect not only your own health but also that of your developing unborn child.


Now some of you may be asking, is a pregnancy pillow even necessary at all? I think that’s a personal decision. I didn’t use one my first pregnancy and was just fine— but I carried really small. You can put a pillow under your head, hug a king size and stick an additional pillow between your legs if necessary. For some sound sleepers, this works great and for others, they couldn’t keep these pillows in place if they tried. Something like the Snoogle definitely helps keep you in a stationary position.

If you are really uncomfortable, I don’t think it hurts to try out a pregnancy pillow. If you don’t like the idea of buying something you are only going to use for a few months, get the Newpoint body pillow. It’s the least expensive of the three and as I mentioned, you can lie it horizontally at the base of your headboard to prop up your pillows when you are back to snuggling with your spouse.

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