10 Best Portable High Chairs in 2021– Guide & Reviews

Hey, are you looking for the best portable booster seat? Then you are in right place now because in this piece of content I will introduce you with the best portable baby high chair. Most of all the portable high chair is used for children purpose. With these outdoor accessories, your travel and camping could be easier. That’s a well-known baby feeding chair also. It’s easy to feeding a baby while traveling. So we call it one of the best travel high chair for baby that you can get within a limited budget.

Our experts have chosen ten better portable high chair for you. Here I’m sorting them with popularity and usefulness. They are affordable in price, easy to use, and suitable for the child.

Best Portable High Chairs in 2021– The Ultimate List

Check this comparison table if you’re in hurry. I’m sure that you must have to choose a portable high chair from this comparison table.

  1. Ciao Black Portable High Chair for Baby
  • This is a portable high chair for babies
  • It weighs 8 pounds
  • There is no need to use any assembly
  • It’s included with a carry bag
  • 3 years warranty available

This is one of the great portable high chair for child. Ciao high chair is a practical solution for all small children. It’s one kind of folding chair also. I told about this chair’s feature but I have to say again that this chair is really easy to carry and you can move this anywhere.

We analyzed lots of purchaser reviews about this chair. Most of them said that they were bought this for camping or traveling. It’s little bit urgent for travel favorite’s parents. It will help you to enjoy any event or occasion also. If your living space is low and there are huge accessories in your home then this chair is quite essential for you.

We followed some of the buyers bought this only for a fixed reason, but after that, they started to use this for all time. Thus, a customer said, ‘I bought this for my 5 months grandson, we were going to camping. After finishing the camping I was amazed by this chair performance and we decided to keep this permanently. Now it is an important part of our grandson’s use accessories.’

  • We give the value of purchaser’s reviews.
  • After all, it’s an ultimate solution for the child.

What We Liked Most

  • Easy to fold up
  • Make your travel faster
  • Anywhere to go with this
  • Convenient accessories for child
  • Perfect camping and picnic with this
  • Easy to feed child

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bottom fabric is too tight
  • Design isn’t very attractive
  • Legs isn’t suitable for all child
  1. N Sit Pop Portable High Chair by Summer Infant
  • Much lighter in weight and easy to use folding frame
  • Due to stiff plastic tray, food space is enough to clean
  • The fabric is machine washable and easy to clean up
  • There are three levels of safety, completely safe for child
  • It contains rear storage bag and storage pocket and a best portable high chair for travel.

Our experts put the number two chair in this list. This is best hook on high chair by famous brand summer infant. A few days ago I suggested this high chair to one of my friend Alisa for her 6-month baby. She was enough confused about buying a high chair.

She and her full family were leaving Chicago for a camping. She phoned me and asked for a high chair, I remembered N site portable high chair that time and I told this to her. She got a chair from Amazon and went camping. When she came back from there and met with me I ask about the high chair. She was full of praise for this high chair.

She told me, ‘It was light and easy to carry. It’s portable and folding system had made it the best convertible high chair in the market. I was a bit tensed about design. But we fixed the design problem. After all, it’s an awesome solution for the child when you’re in picnic or camping. I decided to use this for a permanently.’

Even I was really worried about the quality of the chair but Alisa threw away my all tension and confusion. Not only Alisa, we analyzed more buyer reviews before putting this into the list of the portable best hook on high chair in 2021. As a result, this chair is in the list.

What We Liked Most

  • Travel Assistant for child
  • A strong product capability
  • Easy to open and close
  • It maintains high safety
  • Fold into a small bag for travel purpose

What We Didn’t Like

  • Leg holes don’t suitable for all age children
  • Design isn’t extraordinary
  • Leg holes are tight
  • It’s difficult to use for child over 15 months of age
  1. N Sit Pop Portable Booster by Summer Infant
  • It is perfect for playing and feeding time.
  • Its folding frame setup is easy and it takes less time.
  • It has a detachable and dishwasher safe tray.
  • Long lasting construction for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Contains 3 point safety system and it’s more safe rather than another booster.
  • This booster is easy to carry and move from one place to another.

N pop sit portable booster is the best booster seat for table of our list and famous for some of its great features. It is less heavy than other portable chairs and boosters. It is much easier to use with the exception safety straps. A grandmother was telling us about this chair while we collecting reviews from users.

She bought one from Amazon for her grandson. She said, “It’s just great. Using method is same as other chairs. Also, it has happened to be my kid’s best baby booster seat for eating. Rather easier than others. I can move this one place to another because it is much lighter in weight. It can be strapped to any adult chair and it’s safe.”

This best booster high chair is impressively good for using in beach and park while you’re in a picnic. You can use this as your best travel high chair for 6 month old babies or even babies of less age.

What We Liked Most

  • Best for travel lover family
  • Extra little and light weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Super sets up system and fold up
  • Safest booster
  • Use in all holiday and events

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small and not suitable for all
  • Tray isn’t easy to use
  • Sometimes body strapping system don’t work

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  1. Red Chair with Chicco Caddy Hook
  • Make your travel easy and convenient with fold flat
  • It has a clean nylon seat
  • Less weight than another chair, only 7 pound
  • Easily changeable table skirting up to 5 inches
  • It has 3 point safety harness

This is another amazing and better portable high chair. You can take it with you in a restaurant, vacation, and any events. The seat is suitable for all ages child and it’s enough safe. We would love to keep this chair in the first place about safety. Its secured chair is easy to move around and carry simply. With the hook attached, this could also be a best clip on highchair in the market.

Thus, the description of a buyer, “I got a red Chicco caddy hook chair gift for my 6-month son. I used it at home and outside. I went for a camping and this was with me. Because it’s really easy to carry. I was glad to use this. That was really helpful for me. Seats are really good and easy to clean. Folding system is also great.”

Another key point is that it’s a must need accessories while you’re traveling. Most of the purchaser said that they used this in camping, picnic, and traveling. Obviously, it’s an ultimate solution. It’s suitable for a baby from 6 to 24 month.

This chair helps to save your space also and easy to transport.

What We Liked Most

  • Great option for travel
  • Easy attached with table
  • Better than regular high chair
  • Space saver and easy to use and carry
  • Fantastic safety system

What We Didn’t Like

  • Hard to wash
  • Get dirty rapidly
  1. Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat by Summer Infant
  • Amazing feeding seat
  • Perfect fit for your growing child’s height
  • Full size and the safest tray
  • 3 point security to attach the booster to chair
  • Machine washable seat pad and extraordinary design for storage

Summer Infant has brought some awesome high chair in the market. Deluxe comfort folding booster is one of the better portable high chairs. Its seat is convenient and comfortable for all age children. It has a great folding system and a perfect booster for travel. After all, that’s the latest design by Summer Infant.

We analyze some purchase, one of them said, “This is the best high chair ever I see, I got this for my 8 month daughter. I kept it in the trunk of my car and I always used it. This was helpful for me everywhere. I used it on my friend’s houses, restaurants, and several events. Its quality is better than affordable price. I can carry this simply. Of course I suggest buying this booster for your child.”

Not only had this purchase, lots of them reviewed like this. One of the best parts of this booster is it’s really easy to wash and it doesn’t get dirty quickly. So is you use as the best booster seats for eating, you can have easy cleanups after every time your kid eats on it.

We recommend this to use while you’re traveling. That’s a must have accessories forgo picnic, camping, and events.

Its quality is better than prices. When you think about safety, it’s one of the safest boosters. Definitely, we suggest this for your child.

After all, we put this number five on the list of the better portable high chair in 2021.

What We Liked Most

  • Space saver
  • Great for travel and picnic
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Portable seat
  • Very strong and sturdy

What We Didn’t Like

  • For smaller kids
  • Not a great design
  • Tray is hard to slide

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  1. Blue/Green Healthy Care Booster Seat
  • Perfect booster seat for feeding
  • Adjustable tray and seat with two straps
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a shoulder strap and it’s more convenient

When we were sorting all high chairs for making this ultimate portable high chair list, this Healthy Care Booster Seat attracted the attention for its awesome feature. It’s really easy to use rather than a regular high chair. It is also more convenient than others. With a toddler, you can in and out several times a day and obviously, it’s a quick process. You can’t compare this with ordinary high chairs. Its height is parallel.

It’s another outstanding tool for traveling. We’re damn sure that your travel would be more enjoyable with this. It’s suitable for all size kids.

This high chair price within reach and affordable, you can buy this. We highly recommend this chair.

We suggest this to some purchaser and they gave us some great reviews. You can use this home or outside. This high chair can make your time more comfortable.

It’s a valuable accessory for your child. Don’t over think before buy this.

What We Liked Most

  • Use home and out
  • Convenient while you’re traveling
  • Adjustable straps are great
  • Comfortable seat
  • Attractive design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fewer Features
  • Not adjustable for all child
  1. Grey Pocket Snack Booster Seat by Chicco
  • Easy to set up and fold
  • Three height position connected through strong metal legs
  • Tray is removable
  • Three-point safety harness
  • It has no marking and anti-slip feet

For the feature and design, this high chair is number seven on our better portable high chair list in 2017. The most attractive thing is its special seat and kids love this. When we were analyzing purchase data, the most of the positive reviewers saying about the seat. It’s really comfortable. Although we’ve shown more six high chairs and booster but it’s really different. Seriously it has some unique option.

Lots of babysitter houses are using this booster seat. One of purchaser Helen says, ‘I bought this for my granddaughter and she is really comfortable with this seat. We used another booster but unfortunately she cried after spend some moment on it.

For this reason, we changed that and bought Gray Pocket Snack Booster Seat. It helps us while we’re traveling and going outside of the home. Easy to carry and easy to use also. Moreover, it’s a perfect accessory for your child. Definitely, I suggest buying this.’

It’s affordable in price and another mentioning thing is it’s easy to clean up. This booster seat is a space saver. Yes, we’re proudly promoting this for your kid. You can buy this without any hesitant.

What We Liked Most

  • Travel convenient booster seat
  • Strong metal legs
  • Easy to attach to adult chairs
  • It’s adjustable with all kids
  • Good for limited space houses

What We Didn’t Like

  • Difficult to remove strap
  • Hard to adjust tray

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  1. Folding Portable Booster Seat with Cup Holder and Travel Case by Regalo
  • Lightweight and easy to folding frames
  • Very convenient to carry
  • Adjustable anchoring straps helps to attach this seat to adult chairs
  • Storage for toys and books
  • Good for outdoor and indoor, for kids up to 37 pounds

This is another lightweight booster seat and number eight in our one portable high chair list. Regalo Folding Portable Booster Seat has lots of positive reviews and purchases satisfaction. Although that’s able to carry kids up to 37 pounds.

One of our verified purchaser Margaret explained, ‘We were planning to go for a picnic and that time I ordered this booster from Amazon and it was a so fast shipping. I was curious to see its performance. I was really glad about this booster. It was convenient for traveling and going out. It’s easy to carry and clean. My 6-month son was very delighted. I recommend this to buy.’

It’s a must needed accessories to keep in a car while you’re going for a restaurant or any other places.

What We Liked Most

  • Compact portable high chair
  • Convenient for kids
  • Great for picnic, camping, and other outdoor use
  • Affordable price
  • Great portable toddler

What We Didn’t Like

  • Safety issue need to improve
  • Hard to clean
  1. Mossy Oak Infinity Portable High Chair by Ciao Baby
  • One of the better portable high chair
  • Convenient carry bag
  • For kids 3 months to 3 years
  • FFP contribution
  • It’s about 8 pound
  • Best folding system ever

Some of the purchasers said this is the best portable high chair ever they were seen. It’s a good experience to promote this product.

We noticed one of the best features of this high chair is its folding system. Even though we keep this on number nine of this list but it’s an awesome product.

One of our purchaser Ann said, “Ciao baby is one of the better portable high chairs and we bought this for camping. It was really helpful for us. We’ve limited place in our home, but it was suitable for less space. Obviously, it’s an ideal high chair for kids.”

When we were sorting all products for making this ultimate list of the better portable high chair, we gave priority of customer reviews.

Probably, it’s one of the best products which name comes late. But definitely, you can buy this for your kid. This can be one of the best companies for your child.

What We Liked Most

  • Great for outdoor
  • Charming design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Portable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Critical food tray
  • Difficult to adjust

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  1. Lightweight Portable Folding Picnic Camping Table and Chair by Sportneer
  • Structure is so strong and well designed
  • It’s totally free from rust and quality is so high
  • You can set up the chair and table quickly
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • Portable outdoor table and chair

This is a must have thing while you’re camping or hiking. If you’re thinking about to go for a picnic then you must have to buy this chair and table by sportneer.

It is a strong and lightweight table. You can carry this anywhere.

Richard C. Baity, an expert explained some of the convenient side of this product. He said, “This is compact and very lightweight table, you’ll feel less than 1 pound. Strong and sturdy table.”

Price is affordable and easy to setup.

What We Liked Most

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Strong and well structured
  • Outdoor best table
  • Portable and comfortable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Difficult to place rod
  • Could be little hard to assemble

How To Choose The Portable High Chair

When you’re thinking to buy a better portable high chair, then you have to consider some matters. Here we will show some things which you need to keep in mind while you’re buying a portable high chair.

Easy to use

You must need to look for a high chair, which is easy to use. Check all straps and tray. Need to know better about all of the high chair materials.


Is it comfortable for your kid? It’s a big question, although you buy a high price and well designed high chair, there is no guarantee that it will be comfortable. You need to check seat and feeding options.

Easy to Clean

Some of high chair is really hard to clean and most of are easy to clean. You’ve to find the right one.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Most of the people use high chair for outdoor use, so it’s must to be lightweight.

Final Words

Buying any products from online isn’t an easy matter and it’s really hard to understand which is good and which is bad.

In this ultimate list we’ve showed all of the best portable high chairs. We analyzed lots of high chairs and their buyer’s reviews. After sorting all of these data, we finalized these ten high chairs for you.

Hopefully, this is the best portable baby high chair list ever of the market in 2021.



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