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7 Best Modern High Chairs in 2021– Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Do you know baby feeding is world’s one of the hard tasks to do? If say yes, you are in the middle of having a tough time feeding your child.

We recommend you to include a high chair in your next buying list. Because when your child gets to the age of consuming solid foods, a high chair is an essential product to have.

You need to know there are three things works here, what types of high chair, how much space and quantity of cleaning capability on a daily basis. This kind of high chair also provides an easy and suitable position depending on the age of your kid. Actually, families prefer to spend their weekend on traveling in various locations as well as taking their babies too.

Several dining places have the arrangement for family use, but yet they can be unhygienic. Having the very best movable and portable high chairs to make use of anywhere, as well as to maintain tidy, is an outstanding way to spend your cash on it.

7 Best Modern High Chair In 2021

  1. Peg Perego Tatamia High Chair

Peg Perego Tatamia is a versatile baby high chair that is fully equipped with numerous adjustable structures, ease to use and cool functionality. This baby gear has perfect adjustment functionality of height which will accompany the three different phases of your baby’s life.

From the lowest position to all the way up to the highest position, there are 9 adjustable height positions ensure a comfortable and relaxed feeding.You can part this baby gear into three different parts which can be used as recreational objects. Without any hesitation, the Tatamia high chair will let you do all kinds of household chores.

This high chair provides stop & go safety measures. All you have to just nicely place your baby on this high chair. The whole swing process is conducted by the action of gentle-glide ball bearing. You just push and keeping them smiley.

Why I liked it?

  • You can easily roll your child from up and down with single press and it will let your kid join the family table.
  • This chair can be turned into 9 different height positions measuring the growing phases of your child’s life.
  • This high chair provides various full-fledged relaxed position with the supporting the back.
  • The stop and go facility is provided by the mar-resistant caster wheels and it can be automatically locked.

The Swing performance is quite impressive. It will give your child a relaxing mood swing swinging.

  1. Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair

This high chair looks like it is made for every baby. This ultimate versatile high chair is equipped with lots of stylish enhancements. Most important part of this chair is the adjustability of the overall height along with the separable trays, positions of reclining, stable self-control system and five points of safety harness. This high chair is easily moveable with its compact super folding system.

You do not have to think of buying another toddler for your baby. An expandable footrest with the functionality of Tilt in Space and four exclusive recline system which provides perfect smoothness to your baby. Peg Perego Prima Pappa holds the features that a perfect high chair needed.

Why I liked it?

  • Detachable feeding tray can be stored nicely at the back but the tray is placed too high at the front and you cannot move the tray with one hand.
  • Its incredible seven height positions will grow along with the child.
  • This chair can be folded easily but it lacks solid fold. If you want to storage the chair, you have to put in a medium height.
  • A super reactive self-control bar provides Five-Point safety control.
  • You can easily clean the very part of this high chair.
  • A luxurious soft prime leather seat system always keeps baby relaxed, secure and comfortable.
  • A smart storage is right behind the seat which is used for keeping tools or toys.

This high chair is not only handy but also easier to keep it hygienic.

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  1. Baby Bjorn High Chair

Unlike the other high chairs, Baby Bjorn not that type of traditional high chair. This chair is another essence of simplicity, safety, and innovation. Baby Bjorn high chair loaded with the plethora of quality features that quickly makes your baby habituate with it. A smart tray is another best part which is nicely added with this high chair.

This tray of Baby Bjorn is simply fitted closely to avoid falling of food. There is a handy and yet childproof lock ensures plenty of safety measures. This baby high chair is completely easy to clean and assemble making it effortless to store and move. This high chair is nicely designed for ensuring comfort and efficiency when it is working.

Why I liked it?

  • It provides just only 3 point harness but lacks straps in the part of the shoulder.
  • This smart tray is not let the foods spread on their lap but the tray is not removable.
  • You don’t have to worry about the cleaning process of this Baby high chair.
  • It has the easiest way to clean the whole things up.
  • Each and every lock is totally childproof with proper guarantee.
  • The overall weight is only 11lbs and folds efficiently.

The curved seat will ensure much comfortable but without padding can cause quite uncomfortable.

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  1. Phil and Teds Poppy High Chair

Best products are always maintaining a proper balance in the product and related services.  Phil and teds poppy high chair is doing the same. The main aim of this high chair is to ensure an enjoyable and safe mealtime for your baby. It’s an amazing multipurpose high chair with the huge amount of possibility. This handy designed baby high chair is completely trouble-free and not large enough that even you barely observe it.

Unlike the other baby chairs, this 4kg / 8.8lbs high chair is an entirely different type of things to consider for your baby. This chair provides essential longevity by removing the tray and converts this into a chair for the grown up baby. The big sized tray is comfortable for relaxed dining along with the effortless clean system. This high baby chair is maintaining proper safety measures by adding 5 Point Harness and passive Harness. And all it starts from the point of sitting your baby in the chair and pull your baby out from it.

Why I liked it?

  • The 5 point harness looks like a little twitchy, but it is good enough to keep your baby safe and sound.
  • There is an innovative flawless Aerocore pad in the seat which is completely waterproof and dishwasher safe.
  • Although the tray is a little bit bigger, you can remove it easily by pressing on the crotch bar button.
  • With the change of two legs, this poppy chair can be converting into a lower chair.

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  1. Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair

Although it looks like a chair in the Barbers’ shop but the features of this chair make it so exceptional to all parents. The simple and compact designed high chair meets all the demand of your baby needs. Boon flair pedestal high chair comes with two removable trays that you can pop right into the dishwasher which is really easy.

If the whole wipeable seatback it gets really dirty, you can simply take it completely off washing in the dishwasher and put it back there easily.

There is 5 point harness for keeping your baby safe. Boon flair can hold up to about 50 pounds. This chair got a pneumatic lift which comes with foot activated switch. There are six urethane casters that you can just easily move this around the kitchen to the dining room without making any spot on the floors. If you want to keep the chair in one place, activate the foot pedal brake in stop mode with just one press.

Why I liked it?

  • The big tray itself is removed with one hand.
  • This chair got a pneumatic lift you can easily adjust to have your child whatever height you choose.
  • The whole seatback can be lifted up

There is no privacy part in this chair; you can easily clean all the part of it.

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  1. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair is a pretty cool and elegant looking wooden made budget high chair for your cute little child. The overall functionality looks like pretty old fashioned but it offers a well-built place for feeding your kid. There is no tray comes with this high chair but you can buy this by spending extra bucks. The baby seat comes with a safety rail crotch strap and high back for the little ones.

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair provides the complete freedom of movement in the certain age. The footrest is correctly adjusted when the entire feet of the Child is resting on the footplate. The cleaning system is not a hard nut to crack. You can place it anywhere in your room. This high chair is weighing too much, not that easy to carry and transportable. This solid and stable high chair can be your child’s best friend.

Why I liked it?

  • Tripp Trapp comes with a perfect height which helps your child to have meals with the family.
  • 5 point harness ensures proper safety to the children.
  • Seats are fully adjustable but you have to maintain some adjustment issue.
  • You must ensure a plain surface to keep this high chair

It ensures different colors according to your baby boy or girl.

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  1. Keekaroo Height High Chair

Unlike the other wooden high chairs, this Keekaroo Height is something more modern, delicate and nicely designed. Although assembling the parts of this baby gear is not an easy patsy, but it will not disappoint much. A BPA-free plastic cover is firmly attached to the wooden tray. A durable infant insert system is added which is more than expect. But I hope your baby will enjoy it very much.

This chair can be easily put anywhere of your house. The great thing about this chair is that it enables your baby to sit at the right next to you at the dining table. By using some ingredient, you can easily wipe the whole high chair shiny. This chair comes with a 3-point pelvic belt which is much better secure than 5-point harness system. Just a little bit transformation of seat plates and it can be used by all the family members.

Why I liked it?

  • This chair is too much weighing too much but it won’t upset you
  • It provides a perfect eating environment of your kid.
  • Can be used from 6-month to 30-month (minimum); maximum will defined by the family members!
  • Perfect height and depth combination between the seat and foot plate.

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Things to Consider while Buying The Modern High Chair

The main purpose of buying a baby chair is to make our life easier. But buying a quality baby chair is not that easy task. There are different kinds of high chairs in the market and every chair is unique on its way. Either you can choose a chair with plastic or aluminum or wooden, easy clean tray, proper adjustment, reclining seat, harness, foot plates, multiple height systems, stylish design and so on. You need little bit grooming and analysis along with the whole buying process. So let’s see what kind of things to consider before buying the best modern high chair.

Firstly,you need to consider the safety issues, because safety always matters most. You don’t want your baby to get hurt anyhow. Here the first thing you should look for the reviews and ratings regarding the specific product. You might see the comments as well but it’s not that important. Especially for the six months old baby, you must use 5 point harness. There are different types of harness exists in the market but 5 point harness is the best choice. The placement of this chair is it shaky or not? Try to buy the high chair with some weight in it. If the chair has some wheels, you must sure about the safety lock they provided.

Secondly, before buying you must check the features which are very much important for your baby. Features like the tray, the most important element of a high chair. In fact, the high chair is meant to feed the baby properly. The tray should be durable, detachable and easily adjustable to the high chair. Are the footplates plain or not?

Thirdly, you must check the dimensions to ensure how much space it will take. Sometimes size matters to the place you live. If you place is way bigger, you can easily place the chair all day long. Few new chairs are come up with the solution of bringing the small chair to fit in smaller houses. On the other hand, the high chair must have the portable system. If you have not that urge of going anywhere along with the chair of your infant, you might skip the part. For better traveling with the infant, you must choose a high chair with compact folds, lightweight and carry straps.

Final Verdict

Finally, you’re ready to make the decision about the right high chair you need. But in this list, every baby high chair is perfect and ideal on its way. As a whole, a high chair depends on the style, size, safety, adjustment, clean, storage, and budget. No matter if you are a traveler, have a small or big house; choose the right baby high chair that matches your daily lifestyle. Remember the features you get, the way you have to treat your child.

The feeling when your six months old baby is sitting next to your dining table for the same purpose you have is inexpressible.